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- Woo Kap Yoo
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Being a manufacturer of total agricultural processed roducts, Hankuk Foods Company processes various agricultural products to manufacture such products as pickled radishes, seasoned radishes with various vegetables, pickled cucumbers, and pickled garlic. We built our plant in Jeongeup City in 1977 with a land size of 106,740 Square Feet and a building area of 42,696 Square Feet. The plant is equipped with hygienic food processing facilities, which provides a product capacity of 2,500 tons per year. We cater to not only domestic customers, but also to numerous overseas customers including ones in the U.S.A, Europe, Japan, and Hong Kong, Singapore,
where our products are continuously gaining popularity.
Especially, we were awarded a patent on December 31, 1997 for our pickled radish with gardenia seed flavor, and received the ISO9001/14001 Quality/Environment certificate on December 30, 1998 for the same product. Our pickled radish with gardenia seed flavor is the result of 10 years of research. As the main ingredient for producing our pickled radishes, we use radishes harvested between mid-October and mid-November. These radishes then are laid-out outdoors for three or four days to become dried under the early winter wind, and then are preserved with salt for more then two months. To these salted radishes we then add powdered gardenia seeds in order to give them their flavor.
Our pickled radish with gardenia seed flavor will bring back the nostalgia of the past to our customers. Experience the taste of our pickled radish with gardenia seed flavor at your dinner table today! Thank you.

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